The UNESCO World heritage sites Canal du Midi and Carcassonne Cite (castle) are only 5 min and 15 mins from our house. Other attractions such the beautiful medival market town of Mirepoix, Cathar Castles, the Mediterranean beaches, the Pyrenées and Andorra with its ski resorts are all within 90 mins of our house! A kids paradise with sun, fun and lots to explore! 




Second most visited site in France!

Situated on the right bank of the Aude river, the Medieval City is a ortiied city unlike any other in Europe; on account of its size as well as its state of preservation. Its history is marked by 2000 years of conquest aand by the imprint of Catharism and the Crusaders.

There are plenty of shops, restaurants and bars within the castle. 

Carcassonne Cite (castle) is only a 15 min drive from our house or a 10 mins train trip to Carcassonne where a tourist train (April-October) waits for you to bring you to the castle!





The Canal du Midi, excavated in the 17th century to link the Atlantic and the Mediterranean sea and formerly used for transporting goods and people. It is today an UNESCO World heritage site and very popular with boaters, bikers, walker and tourists.


There are a number of locks between Bram and Castelnaudery with the ultimate 6 locks experience at the entrance to the Bassin in Castelnaudary.        Have some fun watching the new boating crews!




The Monday market (morning) is not to be missed in this beautiful historic town!

Yet alone the medieval wooden structure of the houses, the pretty town square with its many shops and restaurants as well as the church deserve a visit on their own. 


The drive from Bram to Mirepoix is another highlight - beautiful views over country side with the Pyrenees in the background!


Not to be missed!


The longest Carnival in the World


There are not many carnival seasons that run for three months! But the annual Carnival de Limoux does. It declares itself the longest carnival in the world and begins at the start of January and continues until end of March. The Carnival has been officially celebrated since 1694!



Local and international groups.